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the message under the message

Here’s the article I’m going to go on about in this post. It is a good article to read through, just too many names getting thrown at you all at once, but a good thing to read.

So, it’s a great story along the David vs. Goliath thread. The good guy wins in the end. Everyone goes home happy. “Authority” is shamed. Yeah little guy!!


Let me draw your attention to the poster that DID make it through their so-called threat assessment team. Yes, “Kill the Bill” using the movie “Kill Bill” to illustrate their message. The bill that was being threatened with violence of course would be the budget bill that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had sent to be ratified. I’m sure we all know about that bill.

So, the threat assessment team must have been sleeping on the job? Just a little snooze? Just resting your eyes?

Seriously? How can that be justified? There actually was violence during the protests at the Wisconsin state capitol. Real violence, not that on the silver screen. No fake blood, rubber knives. This was really happening, now, right there on the steps, right there inside the chambers, right there live for everyone to see. I guess the threat assessment team didn’t see that. Just sleeping? Hit the snooze button one too many times?

Could that be it? Just not paying attention?

Or, was that violence down there on the steps of government…acceptable? Was that alright with the powers that be at the University of Wisconsin? I believe it was.

It’s ok to scream bloody murder in the streets and put up violent posters at a University when your view aligns with the current rulers. As long as you both fit under the same umbrella, it’s ok to be unruly, it’s ok to be violent and ugly.

Kill the Bill!! WOOO!! Yeah! Eat the rich! WOOO!

Yeah, no violence there. Nope. Just us progressives sticking it to the man. ( which has no connotations of violence either! ) The message under the message is that we can do whatever we want, you however, must abide by our rules, and we can change them when we feel like it.