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Got nothing

Yup, nothing at all.

Well, I have been fixating on guitars again!

Don’t know why I do that from time to time. I was browsing through some over at Heritage Guitars. Especially this model. It’s just amazingly beautiful. A piece of art. Even have the image set as the background on my laptop…it’s that gorgeous. Now, if I could only just go back thirty years and start taking lessons 😉 then I might throw down the hundreds and hundreds of dollars it costs to own one of these beauties.

Ok, guitars and trying to stop using conjunctions.

I think that “I do not know what you are talking about.” carries more weight than “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

It’s stuff like that that keeps me up at night. Well, and using “that that”. Where did “that” come from anyway. It’s an ugly word. I don’t like it. I wonder, could I write a story without the word “that”? It’s…It is a challenge, and I think I’ll…I will accept!

Damn apostrophes!