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chill – pt 2

Venice 1987So, here’s the second photo.

The Bridge of Sighs is there again, a couple of gondolas and some tourists on the far bridge.

Take a good look at the bridge. That’s the bridge I was propped up on some 16 years earlier looking back over my shoulder. Over my shoulder back to the bridge where I’ll be standing, 16 years later to take this picture.

I was speechless.

I think there’s something about me and Venice. Think I might have to go back and figure it out.


Venice, 1970Until two days ago, I have never seen this picture of me, my mother and grandmother taken by my father. We’re in Venice, Italy. Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary, really. My father is now retired from the Air Force and he happened to be stationed outside of Madrid, Spain when I was born. This is just a family trip before he is re-assigned back state side. My maternal grandmother had made the trip over the pond to help out the new couple with their new addition (me!).

Prior to their returning to the states, they went on a whirlwind tour of Europe. They brought me along. Hopefully they didn’t stick me in the Kelly green pants and sky blue wind breaker for the whole trip. Well, I know they didn’t because I’ve seen pictures of me in lederhosen in Switzerland. Since having know about this forced march across Europe at the ripe old age of two, I’ve never questioned my love of road trips. Also being informed of the conditions of my trip back to the states, I don’t question my dislike of flying. It’s a strange story. One that my parents now dismiss.

Again, the picture is nothing important. Just a proud mom and grandmother. Bizarre twists and turns of fate positioning them in this image. I’m turning around looking down into the water. Grammy never looked at the camera when she had her picture taken. Mom looks like she’s either trying to get me to look at the camera or to just stop squirming around, both hands holding me tight.

Behind us is the Bridge of Sighs. You can use the link to get info about it. It has nothing to do with this post. It really is quite an interesting tourist attraction in Venice. But, as I said, really nothing to do with this post.

This post has everything to do with another picture.

But, that’s another post.

Oh, if you’re wondering, the photo I made the scan from is actually quite old. The damage you can see around the left and top is from water. I’ll cheat a little and forshadow the next post by telling you it was damaged when we moved. My father was stationed in England while I was a teenager. Oh, and I love photography.