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Me #Author

So, I’m still pretty high on being published.

I think it’s one of the most important goals I’ve had in my life. I know some people do make actual lists of “things” with “dates” and “priorities”. Me, I just can not get that organised.

Or, maybe it’s my personality. I definitely do not fit the Type A mold. I just know that I’ll get around to whatever it is I want to do in my time. That’s been a hard part in my still infant marriage to get the wife to understand. Timetables are things for a tour guide, not for a life. I just like to catch that 6:57 train to work, and be out in time to catch the 4:12 train. Other than that, I simply don’t care.

Mow the lawn when it needs it, wash the car when it’s dirty, put the dogs out when they whine. That’s my philosophy. All else is just silly.

But, your mileage may vary!

Submission to Timid Pirate!

So, my first submission in 25 years…seriously. It’s been that long. I found http://www.timidpirate.com was accepting submission for an anthology called Benevolent Apocalypse and the rest is history. Well, the rest is a 3,200 word short story!

I know. That’s a seriously long time. Lets see…1987, Terry Waite is kidnapped, supernova 1987A becomes the first “naked eye” supernova in almost 400 years, Ronald Reagan is president, the Dow Jones breaks the 2,500 mark ( yeah, 2,500 ) and I get a short story published in my high school’s annual literary magazine.

Fast forward 25 years and I decide to break out the thing that you use to imagine things that don’t exist and write it all down. I have no idea what that’s called. But it’s fun as hell to whip it out and slap some words around, throw them onto paper and hand it off with a fevered wish to someone else who reads it and determines if it’s good enough to print. I have no doubts that my original work was published because it effectively doubled the size of the magazine.

I may write fiction, but I’m grounded in a bleak reality.

So, the submission dead line was yesterday. So, yeah. I’ve been living in my inbox for the last 10 hours or so.

Wish me luck, stay tuned etc. etc.